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An incredible piece of software for monitoring bandwidth, DU Meter 8.01 Build 4769 Crack provides real-time images in both directions for each service, such as download and upload. After acquiring this priceless product, you are no longer required to maintain any additional network administration software. This software is compatible with various network connections, including local area networks (LAN), digital subscriber line (DSL), satellite, and cable modems. Therefore, we can argue that this measurement program was developed to track how much bandwidth is used.

This program generates complete charts or statistics on various networks and offers data transfer services for a fee. In addition to that, the encompassing logging feature of this software makes it possible for users to create charts on a daily or monthly basis, in addition to keeping track of incoming and ongoing traffic. You will be able to obtain valuable images that will enable you to maintain your focus on the network broadcasts at all times. You’ll be able to verify and build your capacity to easily handle the network with the help of a variety of newly designed and upgraded capabilities included in Du Meter Latest Crack 2022.

DU Meter Crack 8.01 with Serial Key [Latest 2022]

Monitoring network bandwidth utilization is made simple with the help of the DU Meter 8.01 Crack software application. You can monitor upload and download speeds and compute data transfer expenses. You can check the data transfer speeds of several networks with the help of this application, which also generates complete reports on those networks. The application accurately represents the data that is moving through your computer’s network connection at all times. This reading is presented in digital and graphical formats for your viewing convenience.

A highly sophisticated logging function is included in DU Meter Full Crack. This tool allows you to generate reports hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly, including incoming and continuous traffic. The application will offer you charts with a more professional appearance to assist you in maintaining constant vigilance over network traffic. The user interface of DU Meter Serial Number is quite simple to browse, and the application provides completely customizable floating windows for viewing network traffic. DU Meter Serial Number is available with a serial number.


  • In the meantime, it keeps an eye on the data flowing via your network and notifies you of any potentially harmful issues.
  • The application has been updated to include new features that allow users to verify the quantity of data transmitted over the internet and local area networks.
  • The graphical user interface of DU Meter is both attractive and intuitive, making it simple to operate.
  • Utilization is one of his strong points.
  • You can monitor downloads and downloads with the help of this software.
  • The installation procedure is straightforward and will not impact the system files.
  • Reports on the amount of bandwidth used can be generated monthly, weekly, or monthly.
  • The wanted database components (SQLite) and the security (SSL) were enhanced. The developers have fixed a great deal of other serious issues that were present in this product.
  • You may also improve the viewing experience when utilizing the local network and reduce the amount of data you use by checking the strength of the Wi-Fi signal.
  • If there is no activity on the internet, the DU Meter’s screen will automatically be minimized to the notification area if the automatic concealing feature is enabled.
  • It is compatible with Microsoft’s operating systems, although Windows XP is not one of the platforms it supports.

What’s New?

  • Increase the rate of travel while minimizing mishaps.
  • There is now a new option in the menu that allows you to select the active tab in the tray icon.
  • Enhancements made to compatibility with Windows 10
  • As a result, it is simple to uninstall a program or reinstall it without encountering any difficulties.
  • The program’s primary window will no longer be displayed in the list of windows accessible via Alt-Tab.
  • Fixed several minor bugs
  • At this point, each database will be relocated to a new place.

System Requirements:

  • 10 megabytes of free space are required for installation
  • 256 MB system RAM
  • Pentium III
  • Internet connection

How to Crack?

  • Find the DU meter 8.01 crack on any website and download it.
  • Following the Extraction DU meter.
  • You can install it by clicking the button labeled “Install.”
  • Your computer will run it.
  • This version with the latest updates is available for free download right now.

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